The process and its trace are the fundamental pillars of my pictorial research. From the tensions provoked by the first more gestural and random stains, the image is built between the mimesis of an invented reality and the drift of intuition and experimentation.

The images created are dissolved between the abstract and the figurative. However, it depends on the identity of the pre-designed image and the textures created with the pictorial material, whether the painting flows towards the referential or remains in a more intimate and suggestive (abstract) world.

The line that links each exhibition and the work in the studio is continuous, without a narrative discourse or a sense of concept as such, but rather they are linked to each other (paintings) and feed each other. The motifs are repeated more and more frequently and the same sketch can be used for more than one work.

It is very important my preparation in classical music because the rhythms, the harmonies and the composition that runs through the painting are built from this kind of way of understanding life and the sensible.

Currently the plant world has invaded my work, which I have been working on since we suffered the pandemic in 2020. Since then, I understood the need for nature in my life and I began to recreate it in my paintings and almost unconsciously and subliminally they have taken over my iconography. Plants and flowers intermingle with color planes that suggest man-made materials (wood, plastic cardboard). This union of nature and artificial materials builds a new image, a world in which nature is related to the industrial, and presents us with Wnew vital planes.